How do you improve your website's presence on search engines SEO ✅✅ ????

How do you improve your website's presence on search engines (SEO)?

How do you improve your website's presence on search engines SEO  ✅✅ ????

Search Engine optimization One of the most important tasks to do when establishing and building a website is that search engines are the main access point that connects the website to its audience. All your efforts and cost in building your website is worthless if people can't access it when they need it. The only way to do this is to continually improve the ranking of web pages in search results.

Blogging is the first step towards appearing in search engines

It is known that the website consists of a set of pages through which information about the company or facility, its business, products and services offered to customers and how to communicate with them is published.
But these pages alone cannot help the website appear well in search engines. For example or a particular product that has to do with you.

In order for your site to rank well on search engines, your website must include a blog with articles and news related to your business and the products and services you offer, either directly or indirectly. This is just the way Google and others like to show results to every web searcher.

Considered blogs of the most important ways in which you can attract customers to you or your company through which it can build a long - term relationship with them by providing content of value and benefit to your visitors related services and products offered and is at the same time help your site to appear in the search and improved engine ranking In the search results.

But it is not enough just to publish articles on your blog to appear in the search results, but must also pay attention to keywords related to the services and products you provide when preparing the content of those publications, so that we can search engines to identify the nature of the content of those publications and appear In the search results for anyone looking for words related to their services.

These keywords should be an integral part of the content of each publication on the blog and should appear consistently and professionally in the title, in the meta description, in the first section, in the subtitles and texts associated with the images that should be attached to it. To learn more you can see the most important things to do when you write to the Internet .

The most important in any publication published in the blog site to include at the end of the reference to a specific and clear action done by the reader of the article after reading the article, which may be directed to the reader to the page of the product or service that links to the content of the article so that it can then see and interact with them, this will enhance public recognition For your products more professionally than direct advertising and at the same time improves your site's presence in the search engines.

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Good user experience

The good design and construction of the website greatly helps to improve the ranking of its pages in the search engines as the visitor will have a suitable experience and will move easily from page to page on the site smoothly, which means that it will spend more time visiting the site and will not leave it once it visits the first page -This has a big impact on website ranking in search engines ..

To achieve this, attention should be given to the existence of an appropriate and consistent design for all pages of the site through the use of appropriate colors, fonts and white areas and the site relies on an easy and simple navigation system is simple and complex or manifold to help the visitor to navigate the pages and sections of the site and access to any part of it smoothly.

In addition, you should pay attention to the design of the site suitable for different sizes of mobile devices where statistics indicate that more than 70% of the traffic comes from mobile devices, making the appropriate design have an important criterion in the ranking of your site in the search engines. This requires that the website relies on a Responsive Design that varies according to the screen sizes used by the site visitor.

The shortest way to achieve a distinctive design and a suitable user experience for all devices is to use professional templates ready and customizable and available in the market as for example with what is available on themeforest . Building a user experience from scratch requires a lot of time, effort and cost that require a large budget that most companies may not be able to afford, making the option of professional templates ready and customizable a suitable option.
These templates usually follow the norms and patterns recognized in the user experience. You do not need to reinvent the wheel and it allows the user to modify it according to the identity of his company and according to his needs.

The process of selecting the right template for your site should be carefully considered so that it is highly evaluated by those who use it and are suitable for your need, customizable and change and compatible with the Arabic language.

Speed ​​and security

The environment in which your website lives is one of the important factors that affect the ranking of its pages on search engines. The faster your pages work within the security protocols, the higher their ranking.

In order to get a fast and secure site, you must first choose a good place to host the website Hosting so that it is through a well-known company and within the appropriate conditions and specifications, leniency in this matter will harm the site in front of search engines and also visitors.

The most important specifications that should be taken into consideration when posting the website are:

  • If you target the Middle East, for example, it is better to place the site on servers located in Europe rather than America as it is closer. Some hosting companies offer the possibility to choose the hosting site, for example, as a company siteground enables you to choose servers in Britain, Spain or Malaysia.
  • The presence of cache system to accelerate the transmission of web pages to visitors to the site instead of the visitor to the original pages of the site it up to temporary pages ready to be read immediately by Internet browsers so the speed will be higher. Hosting companies usually provide temporary caching tools, and for example, CMS systems have plugins to do so. Content Delivery Network CDNs, such as cloudflare, can also be used to place  temporary copies of web pages on the site so that the page load is faster for the visitor rather than always requested by the main server.
  • The use of the security protocol https instead of http where Google considers that those who do not use the security protocol is an unsafe site and does not appear in the search results. This requires that an SSL security certificate associated with the site's domain name be installed on its server to protect all communication between the site and its visitors. Currently, free encryption certificates are available by Let's encrypt and most well-known hosting companies make it easy for their clients, giving no argument to anyone not to provide it to its visitors.
  • Protection of the site from hacking: protection and safety not only stand on the use of security protocols, but all precautions should be taken to make the website in a safe environment from hacking through, for example, the use of a firewall or the use of access to the site via the temporary code sent to mobile devices or the installation of software to fight and follow hackers or Away from shared and public hosting and so on ..
  • The use of compression techniques for files hosted on the site or those sent to the visitor so as to reduce the volume of data sent and received, speeding up the pages of the site and this includes images and electronic pages that make up the site. Some of these technologies are provided by hosting companies, and some of them require software add-ons associated with the website, especially with regard to image compression.
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Visits on the website

It is not enough to set up a website and then leave it in the hope that people will visit it. You should invite people to visit it and follow it as the number of visits to the pages of the site has a significant impact on its ranking in the search results and is a key element to improve the presence of the website on the Internet.

In order to increase your website traffic, especially by your target customers, there are several ways to do this:

  • Use the URL frequently in all official and unofficial papers used by the establishment.
  • Share links and pages of the website through social media continuously and frequently.
  • Advertising the website or its pages or even articles through search engines and social media tools, although this is a bit expensive but gives tangible results.
  • Updating the site and adding valuable content on a continuous basis will keep the traffic flowing to the site and thus improve its ranking in search engines.
  • Attempting to register the URL in the electronic platforms related to the field of work, the presence of the link to the site will lead to increased visits, especially from the target customers
  • Try to publish some articles related to the site or the company in other sites or blogs so that these articles guide the visitor to the website of the facility.
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Use of content management systems

There is no doubt that there is no room for static sites or those built from scratch today. But it does not stop here because the presence of these systems also has a significant impact on its ranking in the search engines

CMSs usually help technically help web pages appear to be understood by search engines by inserting appropriate tags into those pages associated with the information that search engines need to understand each page, such as title, description, article, author's name, image, and so on.

The ability of search engines to access websites managed through well-known content management systems such as WordPress , Jomla or others is much better than access to static or self-developed sites due to the widespread use of them making it a reliable standard. This will help the site reach a better ranking because search engines understand it better.

Content management systems may need additional tools to improve website visibility on search engines, such as Yoast for WordPress.

In addition, these systems help generate links to all the pages that make up the website automatically, as search engines read these links by accessing the sitemap.xml file attached to the website (produced by CMS), which speeds the indexing of these pages and show them in the results Remote search posted.

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In the end, these systems also play a major role in maintaining a smooth user experience and accelerate its pages, which will reflect positively on the appearance of the site in the search engines.

Linking with search engines directly

An important step for any website owner to take to speed up the indexing process is to link the site directly to the search engines. It is not a mandatory step considering that search engines will reach your pages sooner or later but it speeds up the process and helps you make any modification you need.

Given that Google is the most famous and most used search engine, it is worthwhile to link your site to it and this comes through the management system provided by Google Search console where the owner of the site through which the site can add his site to the search engine Google. This will allow Google to identify the pages of the site directly and faster and help you provide statistical information about the site visits and keywords used by visitors to access it, which helps you to update the content of the site and keywords in a way to ensure the ranking of the site and improve its presence in search engines.

Here, it should be noted that the age of the domain name of the site Domain Name has an impact on its credibility and therefore on its ranking in the search engines always tried to renew the domain name of your site for several years.

Finally… .No place for a website without SEO techniques

Ignoring search engine optimization (SEO) simply means that your website does not exist but it may also mean that your business or business does not already exist in the eyes of people, especially in the digital world. People 's access to the website via search engines is much more powerful than their paid access to advertising because it is a search and link to you that is in need of you and therefore will be a potential customer for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any advice on improving the presence of search engines and you can also use the service write to me if you need content compatible with search engines for your website and you can build your website at a small cost through the service of my company .