How can you get a free SSL certificate from the CloudFlare website? ✅✅

How can you get a free SSL certificate from the CloudFlare website?

How can you get a free SSL certificate from the CloudFlare website? ✅✅

If you want a free SSL certificate for your site, there are a number of globally trusted sites that offer you this certificate, such as Let's Encrypt, Comodo and CloudFlare, these three companies are widely recognized for their free certificates, and all browsers that we use today support certificates issued by these sites .

Today, we will learn how to get the SSL certificate free of charge from the famous Cloud Flare site, and explain how to link it to your site, all in steps and pictures, all you need to prepare is your login information, and the domain registration site from which you reserved your domain, God start:

1. The first step is to create a free account on the CloudFlare website, by clicking Sign Up at the top right as in the picture.

2. Fill in the email and password and agree to the terms of the site and privacy, and then click on Create Account as shown in the picture.

3. Enter your domain name without www or other in the box at the bottom of the screen as in the picture, then click Scan DNS Records, the site will read the domain name and the name of the registrant and other other information

4. The survey will take approximately half a minute, and you can watch a video explaining CloudFlare's services and how you can use it to make your site faster and ensure it remains effective all the time. When the countdown ends (60 seconds to start), you can press the green button below the video Continue .

5. You see a screen like the following picture showing the information collected by the site about your domain, you can make sure that it is correct (of course it is, in publicly available on the Internet), but this screen was found to allow you to add some additional information and is not available through DNS, when everything is checked, press Continue at the bottom of the page

7. As you can see here, the process was successful, and you should now change the name Servers information on your domain from the hosting site where your site is located to the Name Servers of the CloudFlare site. Provided by the site for free (such as protection from cyber attacks, the free SSL certificate we explain here, etc.), when done, click Continue.

To learn how to do this, and to understand the principle of the work of Name Servers and DNS in general

8. Next, you will see a screen that shows you that your site has been successfully linked to CloudFlare, congratulations.

So far, we have passed our visitors to the CloudFlare site, but have we added the SSL certificate? no not yet. We'll do this in the following steps.

9. Click on the fourth box from the left Crypto, this screen appears, select the type of Flexible certificate, and the site will request the certificate for you, it can take some time, but most likely it will be ready in less than 5 minutes, and turn to Active Certificate as you see In the following picture for this picture.

10. We still have one point to do on the CloudFlare site before going to our site, which is to force all traffic to Https, so to do that, click on the Page Rules in the top line on the CloudFlare screen, then click Create Page Rule, and enter your site information And choose the settings exactly as in the following picture, then press Save & Deploy.

11. You'll go to your site if it works