Google tools provided by webmasters

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Google tools provided by webmasters
Google offers many free tools that allow webmasters to improve the visibility of their corporate websites on their search results page (SERP) by monitoring traffic and identifying their strengths and weaknesses, including:


1. Google Webmaster Tool:
It helps webmasters by getting better control over how Google interacts with the organization's website and helps get useful information from Google about the website.
• Upload a Sitemap XML file. 


• Analyze and generate Robots.txt files.


• Remove unwanted site links that Google may use in search results.


• Clarification of some issues related to the Meta tag.


• Understand the best search method used to access the organization's website.


• Select your preferred domain (URL).


• Understand the best search method used to access the site.


• Get a glimpse into how pages are viewed by Googlebot.


• Receive notification of violations of quality.



Google Analytics Tool:
An important tool provided by Google and free to help webmasters monitor traffic on the organization's website by knowing the following:

• How to enable users to access the website and sources that contributed to it, whether from search engines or direct visits or recommendations from other sites, etc.

• It also helps to monitor the movements of users in response to the goods and services provided within the organization's website.

• Discover the strengths of the website that have attracted customers to the organization's website.

• Assists in measuring the impact of improvements you make on your website.

• Assists in better management of online marketing campaigns.

Google AdWords:
Google’s primary source of income, a program provided by Google from

  During which webmasters buy certain keywords (KeyWords) to show

Their ads on the search engine results page (SERP) when a user enters any of the words

  Purchased by the website administrators and is accounted for by CPC and CPM, and through it

Helps control where ads are distributed by location and target language.

Google Trends:
Is a free tool that helps webmasters find out the most searched words on Google.